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USA Vs. Guatemala, 2014 World Cup Qualifying: Match predictions

Expect the unexpected, and other cliches!

Marc Serota - Getty Images

The United States don't make a lot of sense, and predicting the results of their games is tough. Even the most dedicated of Klinsmann haters have to admit that they expected a better performance away to Antigua and Barbuda, as well as Eddie Johnson not playing left wing.

For tonight's must-not-lose match against Guatemala, my Stars and Stripes FC colleagues have made fairly serious predictions. I am less professional than they are.

Here's how we see things going down.

Ryan: The funniest would be a loss and Antigua shock draw to get the US through. The US is winning, though, with a Cameron set piece goal the winner, 2-1.

Kevin: Jonathan Bornstein scores the equalizer that sends the U.S. to the hex by heading in a corner in stoppage time. 2-2 draw.

Zach: Well, after that rousing 2-1 win in Antigua and/or Barbuda, the USMNT are on the precipice of qualification in the CONCACAF hexagonal. They'll probably get a draw or a win, the only question is how stressful they make the process. I'm guessing stupidly stressful, and I think we'll see a 1-1 draw.

What do you think is going to happen? Offer your predictions below.