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USA vs. Guatemala beer of the day: Boulevard Brewing Company's Bob's 47 Oktoberfest

Drink up a German-style Marzen, straight outta Kansas City.

Photo Credit: The Free Weekly

By Dan Wiersema, Free Beer Movement

The United States men's national team face Guatemala tonight after surviving a tropical storm and a sloppy performance in Antigua. Eddie Johnson played the role of hero in channeling his 2008 self, bagging both goals, including the dramatic 90th minute header.

Heading into the final minutes of last Friday's match many a U.S. fan and FBMers alike we're prepared for a draw and drown our sorrows in enough beer to make the pitch of Sir Vivan Richards Stadium look a bit damp.

But, alas, we were saved, and with three points in the bag the Nats sit in a good position of the group needing just a draw to advance to the Hexagonal stage. Not perfect, but better than some of the alternatives.

The tight fortunes of the U.S. soccer team has pundits and supporters doubting the grand plans of coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

What to do when the the group is on the line in front of a sold-out home crowd, the German is in the driver's seat, and some are looking back at the Bob Bradley era with fondness?

Drink of course. Drink a beer that "draws" (See... cause that's what we need... get it?) to all of these divergent people, places, and ideas.

Meet Boulevard Brewing Company's "Bob's 47" Oktoberfest.

Kansas City? Check.

German-style Marzen? Double check.

All about Bob? Triple check.

All the strengths of a stadium packed with red, white, and blue with the "savvy" of the Klinsmann reign, and the shadow of Bradley's days surrounding this qualifying campaign in one beer.

Game on.