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As The USA Gets Ready To Take On Jamaica: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

There is no other way to put this -- tonight's match is HUGE. There is no more margin for error. At home, no matter the opponent, the United States needs three points now. There are no more disappointing draws, but ones that will do. It's three points and three points only for the U.S. tonight.

There will be a sold out crowd of nearly 24,000 ready to welcome the U.S. to Crew Stadium tonight and that is nearly 24,000 Americans. It will be a pro-U.S. crowd that we rarely see and after Friday in Kingston, they will be at a fever pitch. They know everything is riding on this match and you can bet it will show on the decibel meter.

And with all of this on the line, before the U.S. takes the field, they do not need a man tearing apart a phone book. They do not need a simple silence and acknowledgment that it is all about focus. They don't need to win one for the Gipper. They need one man -- Coach Taylor.

Clear eyes, full hearts.