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USA Vs. Jamaica...Again, 2014 World Cup Qualifying: Match Predictions

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The United States wasn't supposed to lose on Friday night. They had never lost to Jamaica in any competition, in any venue. A draw? Sure. It was possible that they might draw, but a loss was out of the question.

Only the U.S. did lose. Jamaica answered the American's first minute goal with two of their own and moved to the top of the group. Meanwhile the U.S. now find themselves in a tie for second place in the group and fighting just to qualify for the hex.

The loss was not the most concerning part of Friday night, though. Yes, any loss is a bad one and the match is about results, but had the U.S. played well, had a couple breaks go against them, get no help from the referee and lost on a brilliant goal then it wouldn't be a disaster. But the U.S. got so thoroughly outplayed and looked so dreadful that it was almost panic worthy.

Now the Americans need to bounce back and get three points. The margin for error is gone, especially at home.

Ryan: Friday was all kinds of bad, but the U.S. is beyond dominant at home. It's been 11 years since the Americans lost a World Cup qualifier on home soil and that streak will not come to an end in Columbus, where a sold out crowd will back the Yanks. They still won't play with width and they will still be very flawed, but Jamaica played extremely well in Kingston and won't be able to replicate that so the Americans will have an easier time in a 2-0 win.

Zach: I hate to say "must win match" but it's hard to ignore the truth of the matter. While the USMNT's road to the Brazil would not be completely derailed by a second straight loss to Jamaica, it would make their life exceedingly difficult. Not to mention the outright panic that would spread across the American soccer fandom like a fire going through dry wood. The U.S. needs this game, Klinsmann knows they need this game, and I expect you'll see a better performance that we did last weekend. However, Jamaica has confidence now and they'll have every reason to believe that can get another result. It should be a tough one but I think the U.S. will get a win 2-1.

Kevin: Hopefully this team is pissed off and motivated to lay a beatdown? That wouldn't be stunning, but motivation isn't anything. The United States still doesn't have a deep playmaker or wide players. Let's call it a 1-0 win.

The Americans' backs are up against the wall tonight. Do you think they will step up and get that much-needed win? Let us know your prediction in the comments.