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USA Vs. Australia, Goodbye Pia Tour: Match Predictions

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The Pia Sundhage Goodbye Tour continues today at the Home Depot Center where the United States will take on Australia in a friendly. The first match of this tour was in Abby Wambach's hometown, Rochester, NY, and today's clash is in Alex Morgan's backyard. Apparently all of the strikers get a match just a stone's throw from where they grew up in this series of friendlies.

Ryan: I believe in Pia. I also refuse to believe that Australia has an answer for Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux. Having all three of them is just unfair and the U.S. will show why in a 3-0 win.

Lauren: I'll say 3-1 U.S. Abby Wambach continues her march towards breaking Mia Hamm's goals record, Pia Sundhage gets some more things to clap for, and Australia grabs a goal because the U.S. is still shaky defensively. I can't give a more coherent/detailed answer at the moment because, alcohol and a chorus of groomsmen doing a terrifying rendition of what I'm told is the Backstreet Boys.

Kevin: Australia has enough talent to make this game fun, but the U.S. will be more fun, which leads to plenty of jumping and clapping by Pia. 2-1 to the United States.