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Livestrong Sporting Park Sold Out For USA Vs. Guatemala World Cup Qualifier

The U.S. will play in front of a sold out crowd when they play Guatemala in a crucial World Cup qualifier.

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As expected, Livestrong Sporting Park will be packed to the gills when the United States hosts Guatemala on October 16 in a crucial World Cup qualifier. U.S. Soccer announced on Monday that the match is sold out, which is good news for the Americans considering that the match can, and very likely will, determine who advances to the final round of qualifying and who is eliminated.

The U.S. has played at the new stadium in Kansas City once before, beating Guadeloupe 1-0 there in last year's Gold Cup group stage. That match was sold out and had the superb crowd that the U.S. hopes they get against Guatemala. The fans filled the place with chants of U-S-A and cheered everything, from the good tackle to Jozy Altidore's outstanding goal. That the stadium brings fans absurdly close to the field and had a roof to create a cozy atmosphere only made things better.

The only question for the U.S. is how many of those fans in Kansas City will be Guatemalans. There isn't a huge Guatemalan population in the city, but they have been known to travel from around the country and that the match did not sell out until today gave them weeks to snap up tickets.

With two matchdays left, the U.S., Guatemala and Jamaica are all tied on seven points atop Group A and only two teams will advance to the final round. The Americans play at Antigua and Barbuda before hosting Guatemala, while Los Chapines take on the Reggae Boyz.