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USA vs. Canada match predictions: We dismiss or mock the Canucks...and win

Ah, Canada, how dismissive we are of you. Either that or you are our target for our disdain of January camp.

Canada must pay for this travesty
Canada must pay for this travesty
Isaac Brekken

The United States plays Canada tonight to (thankfully) close out January camp. Once this is over we can turn our attention to a match that matters, and matters a lot -- against Honudras on February 6 in the Hex opener.

But first, Canada. They lost 8-1 to Honduras last year with a spot in the Hex on the line and were beaten soundly by Denmark's C team over the weekend. Expectations aren't high for the Canucks, which means they are for the U.S. tonight, even if this isn't near the Americans' first team.

Ryan: Canada is responsible for Nickelback. They must be punished. 2-0 to the good guys.

Kevin: Canada has given us two good things ever: Wayne Gretzky and maple syrup. Everything else from Canada sucks, especially their soccer team, and that's a fact. 2-0 to America.

Zach: All the orange from the empty seats at BBVA Compass Stadium will startle the Canadian players, mistaking them for people in moose hunting gear. The US will take advantage of this distraction and keep their long home winning streak against our Northern neighbors in tact. After the match, players will exchange kolaches from Kolache Factory for maple syrup and hockey trading cards.

Who do you think will win tonight's friendly? As important, do you care? It's just January camp. But seriously, Nickelback.