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The pitch at Cowboys Stadium really stinks

We've been over how much this grass-over-turf thing stinks in general, but in the case of Cowboys Stadium, it's really bad.

Tom Pennington

Grass over turf is usually pretty bad. Soccer on grass is better than soccer on turf, but soccer on turf is way better than soccer on grass laid over turf that didn't have time to set properly. In the case of the Gold Cup quarterfinals in Baltimore, the field wasn't too awful because the grass had a full week to settle in. In the case of the semifinals at Cowboys Stadium? Well, see for yourself. Jon Arnold and Grant Wahl took pictures on the field last night, and they're bad.

I suspect this means we're not going to see Stuart Holden tonight. Sorry, Stu fanboys and girls.

They also laid out the field in a way that doesn't make any sense. If you have a left-footed corner taker, well ... tough crap for you.

This pitch is going to play very poorly for the game tonight, but here's the good news: We go first! Yes, it's going to stink for us and Honduras, but at least we're not Mexico or Panama. They have to play on this already worthless field after we tear it up. Chepo's going to lose his marbles.

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