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Steve Cherundolo is out indefinitely

If you were looking forward to seeing Steve Cherundolo back at right back sometime soon, we have some bad news.

Rob Carr

It's been a rough summer for Steve Cherundolo, and the fall isn't looking much better. Eight weeks after he had arthroscopic knee surgery -- a fairly common procedure for professional athletes of his age -- he's received news that he needs another operation. According to the Bundesliga's website, Dolo will have a second surgery on his knee and is 'out indefinitely'.

Because the article above doesn't outline the specific injury, it's tough to guess how long Cherundolo will be out. 'Indefinitely' means that the team can't pinpoint how long his recovery will take and not necessarily that he will be out for a very long time. If a player could be out for anywhere between two weeks or two months, but it's impossible to tell which one he's closer to, a team will use 'out indefinitely' to describe his status.

This is obviously concerning, however, given Cherundolo's age. At 34 years old, with over 500 professional games on his legs, Dolo can only have his knee scoped (or operated on in a more serious manner) so many times before he's no longer able to compete at the highest level. Hopefully this is a minor setback and Dolo will be back to full fitness in the spring, but there's no way to tell how bad his injury is at the moment.

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