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John Anthony Brooks declines Germany Under-21 call-up, looks set to play for USMNT

Germany Under-21 coach Horst Hrubesch invited John Anthony Brooks to play for his side, but Brooks isn't in the squad. Presumably, he'll play for the USMNT against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Matthias Kern

While next week's United States game against Bosnia and Herzegovina is a friendly, and thus will not cap-tie anyone to the team, Jurgen Klinsmann might have have won the first major fight in the battle for John Anthony Brooks. German Under-21 coach Hortst Hrubesch invited Brooks to join his squad during the next international date, but Brooks has apparently declined. He's not in the team released by the DFB on Thursday.

Of course, Brooks could end up doing the same thing that he did earlier in the year and decline to play for either country for the time being. He said previously that he would pick a nation and play in either the European Under-21 Championships or the Under-20 World Cup during this summer, but ended up not participating in either competition.

Klinsmann has reportedly invited Brooks to join the USMNT for the Bosnia and Herzegovina friendly and it will be a major victory for Klinsmann if Brooks accepts. We should find out shortly whether or not the Hertha Berlin defender will be pulling on a USMNT shirt in the near future.