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USA vs. Costa Rica, 2014 World Cup qualifying: Match predictions

It feels like the U.S. can win anywhere nowadays. Is Costa Rica next?


The United States has won in Italy. They've won at the Azteca. They've drawn at the Azteca in World Cup qualifying. They have done a lot of things that no other U.S. team has ever done before. Next up: win in Cost Rica?

Ryan: The Americans have been sensational, but even now that the Ticos have left the Saprissa, they aren't going to walk away with another historic win. Joel Campbell will still give Geoff Cameron fits and Alvaro Saborio will do to the two MLS centerbacks what he does to all MLS centerbacks. Sounds bad, doesn't it? It's not. This is the norm for the U.S. and not a bad one at that. Especially without a fit Jozy Altidore, a win San Jose is a dream too big for the U.S, who fall 1-0 and see their record win streak come to an end.

Kevin: 2-1 Costa Rica win. Without Jozy Altidore totally fit or any of the three guys I'd consider to be the United States' best right back option, we come up just short. This is a really good Ticos team and very good U.S. sides have lost in Costa Rica many times before. Though, it will be interesting to see if Costa Rica have lost part of their home field advantage by leaving Saprissa. It's tough to throw trash or bottles of piss over a running track.

Phillip: Atmosphere, Shmatmosphete. We have too much talent. USA 2-1.

Zach: The USA have been rolling of late but they now face a tough challenge against Costa Rica. A year ago, I'd be ready to predict a loss and move on but there's no doubt that Jurgen Klinsmann has made significant strides with the USMNT in 2013. All the ridiculous gamesmanship won't bother them in the least and while I think Costa Rica will be charged up -- and rightly so -- if the US can survive the early surge and play their game, no reason they won't win. I'm still thinking it'll be close and a draw wouldn't be unreasonable, but for now I'll say 2-1 USA.

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