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How the USA can qualify for the 2014 World Cup vs. Mexico

Everyone thank Honduras for making this possible.

Miguel Tovar

Friday didn't go as planned for the United States. They needed three results to qualify for the World Cup and only one went their way -- the most unlikely of them, amazingly, as Panama failed to beat Jamaica at home -- with the Americans failing to do the job themselves. It was a busted day for the U.S.

But the U.S. is still sitting pretty. Such are the perks of taking 13 of 15 available points in March and June.

The Americans are still one matchday away from booking their ticket to Brazil, and this time only two results need to go their way.

- The U.S. must beat Mexico, which is a decent bet considering the Americans' historical dominance of their rivals at Crew Stadium, although their suspensions and the Mexican' managerial shakeup may throw a wrench in things.

- Honduras needs a win or draw against Panama, which seems likely in Tegucigalpa.

And the best part of it all -- at least for celebration purposes -- might be that the Catrachos and Caneleros kick off an hour before the U.S. does No they don't, time zones are hard. If Honduras gets the job done and the U.S. wins, fireworks and a mass celebration on the field as the Mexicans watch on, forced to see their bitter rivals party for their upcoming Brazilian adventure while their own slips ever further away.

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