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USA vs. Jamaica, 2013 World Cup qualifying: Match predictions

Will the U.S. pick up three points even with nothing on the line?

Streeter Lecka

The United States has nothing to play for on Friday in Kansas City. Their spot in the World Cup is already wrapped up and common sense would say it is nothing more than a glorified friendly.

Jurgen Klinsmann does no abide by such common sense.

The American manager has insisted that this match matters. The team much continue to build, develop and foster a the right kind of attitude heading into next year's World Cup and this qualifier, no matter how insignificant in the Hex table it is, is part of that.

Unfortunately for Jamaica, the match has even less meaning to them, with a spot in the World Cup already out of reach and nothing to play for or build towards, they are a team lost at sea. That should mean they are a team ripe for the picking, but no matter how adamant Klinsmann is that this match matters, there is question about whether the players will buy into it. After all, there isn't anything on the line.

So what can we expect at Sporting Park? An electric atmosphere may be all that can be guaranteed.

But there has to be a winner*...

Ryan: The Americans have nothing to play for (seriously, give up on the World Cup seed), but neither do the Jamaicans. Advantage America. 2-1.

Zach: USA vs. Jamaica in Kansas City. There's good barbecue in Kansas City. Really good barbecue in Kansas City. I live in Texas and I'm telling you the barbecue, in general, is better in Kansas City than it is in Texas. I wake up in the middle of the night from dreams about a cup of burnt ends from Oklahoma Joe's and I start crying because I know I live far, far away from those most glorious of culinary delights. Oh yeah, umm, US wins 2-1 I guess.

Kevin: I'm not expecting to see a hyper-motivated USMNT at the top of they're game, but we're still playing a qualifier at home, and they're still Jamaica. 2-1 to America.

Phillip: Considering that Ryan Rosenblatt and I will be in attendance at this match, it's easy to look at it from the outside and state that the Americans will win. I mean, of course, they will win, but it's not because Jamaica isn't a good team. USA will win solely based on the fact that Ryan and I will be in the same stadium together. Yanks win this one in a walk. 3-0

* Of course there can be a draw, but that doesn't sound as good so shut up.

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