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USA fans, how much do you hate Mexico?

Is Mexico not qualifying for the World Cup worth the U.S. losing?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Mexico may not qualify for the 2014 World Cup and the United States may be able to help ensure they don't. So do American fans hope they lose to keep Mexico from a trip to Brazil, know that a loss doesn't really do anything to the U.S.?

U.S. fans may have to ask themselves that question -- how much do they hate Mexico? -- on Tuesday.

While Mexico is playing Costa Rica, the U.S. will square off against Panama and if the Ticos can best El Tri, a U.S. loss would put Panama through to the play-off at Mexico's expense*. So if Costa Rica is beating Mexico, do U.S. fans start rooting for their own team to lose? How much does Mexican misery mean to Americans?

* Technically Mexico can still beat out Panama if they lose by a goal in a seven-goal shootout and Panama only wins by a goal, but realistically, no.

The U.S. is in a fortunate position, having already clinched a spot in the World Cup and first place in the Hex so there is nothing on the line except for a less-than 1% chance at a seed in Brazil. A win would be nice, as all wins are, but it would hardly be significant. Mexico not qualifying for the World Cup would be. It would be hundreds of millions of dollars significant and years and years of trash talk significant.

So U.S. fans -- if Costa Rica is beating Mexico, do you start rooting for Panama to beat the Americans and knock El Tri out of the World Cup?

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