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Jurgen Klinsmann to name USA roster on Thursday

Here's a treat from Jurgen Klinsmann: an early roster.

Streeter Lecka

UPDATE: The roster announcement has been pushed back to the weekend as the staff monitors some late injuries.

Jurgen Klinsmann will announce his United States roster for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Jamaica an Panama on Thursday, giving the media and fans two weeks to take in the team before they play in Kansas City and Panama City.

The timing of the announcement is a major change from Klinsmann usual late-as-possible roster reveals. Normally, Klinsmann waits until five days or so before a match to announce his team, but there is nothing riding on these two matches. The U.S. has already clinched their spot in the 2014 World Cup so any advantage the U.S. gets by withholding their roster -- and Klinsmann has said that he wants every advantage he can get, including keeping his team from the opposition until he absolutely had to -- doesn't really carry much weight.

Klinsmann has said that he will call in the best team available to him despite the insignificance of the matches, but that team will not include Michael Bradley. The midfielder has yet to recover from the ankle injury he suffered warming up for last month's qualifier against Costa Rica so he won't be available, but nearly everyone else should be.

Clint Dempsey and Jermaine Jones set to be on the team despite rumors that injuries may keep them off, while reports have John Anthony Brooks also making the team, but that was before he injured his elbow to put his status in doubt. That could prove vital for the U.S. because playing in a World Cup qualifier would cap-tie Brooks to the U.S.

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