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USA vs. Honduras match predictions: Go, go USA

All of a sudden, everyone is picking the U.S.


Remember when there was a lot of concern about the United States? Jurgen Klinsmann's plan was falling apart, the team hated him and they couldn't score goals or win matches that mattered to save their lives?

That seems like a long time ago.

Now the U.S. is flying high and Honduras, well, they're riding the unlucky train so hopes are high for the Americans. Very high.

Ryan: The U.S. is undefeated in their last 25 home World Cup qualifiers, and many of those matches came against teams better than the Honduras team that they will face at Rio Tinto Stadium. That's not to say Honduras is normally bad, but when they're hit by as many injuries and suspensions as they have been, they're pretty weak and the red hot Americans should be able to come away with a very comfortable 2-0 win just like they did against Panama.

Kevin: Honduras are a good team, but they're not a deep team. They're probably going to struggle without all of their missing players. On top of that, the U.S. is playing the best soccer they've ever played under Jurgen Klinsmann. At the risk of sounding arrogant and having it thrown back in my face, 3-0 USMNT.

Zach: Suddenly the USMNT is flying and Jurgen Klinsmann is all but launching red, white and blue fireworks out his arse while skywriting, "TAKE THAT YOU HATERS". Despite the rocky start, it appears zee Germans' plan is working and the US is on track to qualify for the World Cup next summer. A win over a depleted Honduras side would all but guarantee them a spot and there's no reason to believe they won't get it. Considering all the issues Los Catrachos have right now, anything other than a win would feel like a step backwards for the US. So let the arse-launched fireworks go and let's enjoy another US win, I'll go with 2-0. Because 'MURICA.

Phil: We don't lose qualifiers at home. Honduras is an extremely weakened side due to injuries and and suspensions, while the USA is pretty much riding high going into the match. I expect to walk the match with an easy 3-0 victory.