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VIDEO: Frankie Hejduk dance-off with a fan after USA beat Mexico

Frankie for president.

Frankie Hejduk is a national treasure.

After the United States beat Mexico 2-0 on Tuesday night, some fans stuck around to watch Honduras vs. Panama on the big screen and see if the Americans would qualify for the World Cup. A few members of the team, as well as various executives did as well. So did Hejduk.

The fans sung and danced and Hejduk danced with them. Then they called for a Hejduk dance-off and as only he would, the former American international obliged. He asked the fans for their best dancer, brought him out of the stands and a contest broke out.

And Hejduk lost.

The fans chose their challenger as the winner so Hejduk swapped shirts with the fan. He took the fan's gray shirt and put it on, then he signed his shirt and gave it to the fan. But the shirt he gave to the fan just so happened to be the jersey he wore when the U.S. beat Mexico in 2009.

All hail Frankie.

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