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VIDEO: Matt Besler suspended for USA vs. Mexico for standing in the wrong place

Matt Besler should know better than to stand in the general area of Joel Campbell, obviously.

Kevin C. Cox

The United States will be without Geoff Cameron, Jozy Altidore and Matt Besler when they meet Mexico on Tuesday after all three were cautioned against Costa Rica, triggering yellow card accumulation suspensions. Cameron earned his suspension with a cynical foul, Altidore acted petulantly and Besler, well apparently he was punished for standing near Joel Campbell.

Seriously, Besler won't get to play against Mexico and possibly help the U.S. book a spot in the World Cup because he was too close to Campbell. Or Marco Antonio Rodriguez was duped by his assistant, who appeared to have said it was a caution-worthy offense and we can only conclude was drunk.

Skip ahead to the 5:39 mark.

And thanks to the lovely folks over at FIFA, there is no appeals process for the U.S. to send video and show that Besler should in no way be suspended.

Before you hurl criticism Rodriguez and CONCACAF's way, note that it's almost certain that the referee relied on his assistant, which was the prudent thing to do. He didn't show Besler a card because he is Mexican and the U.S. is playing Mexico next. He asked his assistant for help and got it. It's not as if he knew his assistant was high as a kite and Rodriguez was generally excellent on the night.

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