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Landon Donovan, Jurgen Klinsmann part on good terms

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Calling the time Landon Donovan and Jurgen Klisnmann's spent together on the United States national team "strained" is probably being a bit kind. But once Donovan's testimonial was in the books, two people who never seemed capable of seeing eye to eye on virtually anything were able to find some common ground.

Donovan, for his part, was able to even joke about their relationship.

The game didn't unfold perfectly, but Donovan was still able to have his moments. Before the game, the American Outlaws honored Donovan with a tifo. During it, Donovan played 40 minutes and nearly scored a goal, only to be denied by the post. Afterward, U.S. Soccer played a video retrospect of Donovan's career. Donovan even led the American Outlaws in an "I believe" chant.

Klinsmann even offered further explanation as to why he and Donovan hadn't spoken since the World Cup.

Let's all hope this finally puts an end to this rather regrettable saga.