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Jurgen Klinsmann stands by decision to leave Landon Donovan off World Cup roster

Tom Szczerbowski

Landon Donovan has had a long and decorate soccer career, both for club and country. And even though the United States is playing Ecuador in a friendly on Friday that will also be serving as a testimonial to arguably the greatest American soccer player in history, head coach Jurgen Klinsmann is apparently in no mood to soft-pedal his opinions.

While Klinsmann acknowledge that Donovan has had a "tremendous career," he also had this to say:

And in case you were wondering if Klinsmann has had any second thoughts about leaving Donovan off the World Cup roster? Well, it's actually quite the opposite:

How much of a point Klinsmann proved in Brazil is up for debate. Yes, the United States advanced out of the Group of Death and that was no small task. But they also won just one match and seemed like they could use an experienced attacking player at times. Donovan might not have changed the United States' fortunes, but to pretend as if it's beyond debate seems a little disingenuous at the very least.