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Julian Green eligible to play for USMNT immediately

Sunil Gulati took to Twitter to announce the news that Julian Green's change of nationality has been approved.

Good news America! Julian Green is officially eligible to play for the US Men's National Team, effective immediately. Don't believe us? Just ask Sunil Gulati.

The US Soccer Federatation president took to Twitter on Monday to announce the good news about the USMNT's newest and possibly best prospect ever. Green is likely to be on Klinsmann's roster for the upcoming Mexico match and will probably get some game time as well just to get everyone worked up a little bit more.

It's great news for the USMNT, more specifically, for the future of the USMNT. Hopefully everyone can avoid putting too much unnecessary pressure Green since he's just 18 years old, but it could be fun to see him in a US shirt. For the moment though, be excited and hooray for the future.