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John Brooks can't play because of a tattoo

Tattoos are fine. This tattoo is not fine.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

United States and Hertha Berlin defender John Brooks likes tattoos. That's totally fine. I also like tattoos! However, I generally refrain from getting tattoos that prevent me from doing my job.

Brooks decided to get a giant back tattoo in the middle of the Bundesliga season, apparently not realizing that the skin around his tattoo would be very irritable immediately after he had it done. His back is apparently so sensitive that he can't play or train this weekend. Here's ESPN's report and quotes from Brooks' coach in English, translated from the Berliner Morgenpost.

During the stitching process the skin region should not be touched, and also any perspiration should be avoided. The back tattoo has not only limited Brooks' appearances on the training pitch, but has also infuriated Hertha coach Jos Luhukay.

"I don't have any understanding for that. The tattoo could lead to an inflammation, and, naturally, that is not good."

Let this serve as a PSA: If you're a professional athlete and you want to get a huge back tattoo, you should wait until the offseason.