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Michael Bradley has minor procedure performed on his foot

It's not great to hear that anyone is having medical treatment that forces them to miss time this close to the World Cup, but Michael Bradley should be just fine.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bradley is going to have to miss a bit of time due to a foot injury. Scary, right? Well, you can rest assured that this isn't a major problem. The Toronto FC and United States star is going to have to sit out for a bit, but he should be back to full fitness in no time.

The procedure that Bradley is undergoing has been described as 'minor' and for a foot injury 'that has been bothering him for some time' by the Toronto Star. His coach, Ryan Nelsen, talked about the injury.

"It just means he's just got to get off it (the foot) for a week. This was always planned, to do it at this time when we have a couple of weeks off."

As Nelsen noted, Toronto FC are off this week. Bradley didn't train Thursday and won't train for a few days, but if everything goes according to plan, he'll be ready for Toronto's game on May 3 against the New England Revolution.

If Bradley's been dealing with a foot problem for some time and the fix will only require a one- or two-week layoff, it's probably good that he's getting it done now, and it probably means he'll be even healthier come the World Cup.