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MLS Insider: Raising Zusi

Over the last few years, Graham Zusi has risen from a second-round MLS draft pick to one of the key components in the United States national team. MLS Insider dug into this story.

Graham Zusi doesn't really like to talk about his exploits. That much is clear from the latest episode of MLS Insider. The soft-spoken Sporting Kansas City star has made a rather rapid rise from second-round draft pick to United States national team stalwart and seems quite content to let his actions, and other people, do his talking.

As it turns out, Zusi owes no small part of his success to Sporting KC and USMNT teammate Matt Besler, who became a sort of brother. During his rookie year in Kansas City, Zusi lived with Besler and his family and a bond was formed.

Now both players are in line to be key components in the USMNT as they prepare to head for Brazil. Not a bad little story.