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Road to Brazil: Debating Jurgen Klinsmann's 30-man training camp

The crew wonders if all the positional flexibility is masking some weaknesses?

There's no two ways around it: Eddie Johnson being left out of Jurgen Klinsmann's 30-man training camp was the biggest surprise from Monday's announcement. Former Montreal Impact head coach Jesse Marsch agrees with Klinsmann's decision, citing form as the biggest reason to leave Johnson out. editor in chief Greg Lalas makes the case for Johnson, pointing out that Johnson was the guy most likely to nab a late goal.

The other interesting issue being broached by the group is where the United States seems most weak. It will come as little surprise that everyone seems to agree that defense, and specifically the right side of the field is a bit of a question mark. While there's a lot of versatility among that group, there's not really a tried-and-true right back and even right midfield is still a significant question mark.