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Mix Diskerud's dad scuttles hand-shake deal with Columbus Crew

Sports Illustrated reporting that deal was in place until Diskerud's agent asked for more money.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like the mystery United States national team player who reached out to the Columbus Crew a few weeks ago was probably Mix Diskerud. The Norwegian-American heart-throb reportedly had a hand-shake deal ready to go until his father and agent Paal Diskerud decided his son needed a bit more money. It also suggests this Tweet was a bit more interesting than it may have first appeared to have been:

Negotiations over the potential deal are apparently still ongoing, but time is quickly running out if Diskerud is to join the Crew this season. The MLS transfer window closes on Wednesday and paper work for his international transfer certificate will need to be filed before the deadline. Diskerud is under contract at Norwegian club Roseburg, and while he could still sign a pre-contract that would save MLS from having to pay a transfer fee, he wouldn't be able to join the Crew until 2015 under that scenario.

This is a somewhat similar situation that played out the last time Diskerud was rumored to be joining a MLS team. Back in late 2012, the Portland Timbers were apparently in talks with Diskerud and were prepared to give him a Designated Player contract. But Diskerud eventually balked at the lack of a no-trade clause.