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U.S. Soccer will reportedly feature a black kit in 2016

Martin Rose/Getty Images

The United States are reportedly getting a new look black kit next year. According to Footy Headlines, who has a tremendous track record with kit and design news, the U.S. will be featuring a black kit.

The USMNT have never worn a purely black kit. The closest they have come is in 2008 when they wore charcoal gray away kits.

The USWNT however are no stranger to the color. They wore black away kits in the 2011 Women's World Cup.

Next year will be a year of change for the federation as they are set to unveil a redesign of their current logo.

Footy Headlines reports that we could see this new kit as early as the team's first few games in the year and in the Copa America Centenario if it still occurs.

For a better desription of what to expect the kit to look like here's what they have to say:

The new USA 2016 Shirt will be mostly black with a white Swoosh and featuring the new US Soccer crest. Blue and red accents are expected to be added to the design of the new Nike United States Soccer 2016 Jersey.

The biggest complaint about the current kits were that they were too plain. This bold new step in the direction of a black kit seems exciting, but we'll have to wait until we see the final product to pass judgement.