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Fabian Johnson completes brace, grabs point for Gladbach

Fabian Johnson is in some kind of form right now. Fresh off scoring his second career Champions League goal earlier in the week, the United States international scored two more in Borussia Monchengladbach's 3-3 tie with Hoffenheim on Saturday. Both goals were the product of some clever runs and slick finishes. This was his second:

What the goals also show (here's his first) is that Johnson needs to be farther up the pitch than he's often played by Jurgen Klinsmann. Sure, having a player like Johnson making over-lapping runs and joining the attack is a nice luxury, but it's also wasting some of his best skills. Clearly, this is a player who knows how to handle himself inside the penalty area and right now that's something the United States can't have enough of.