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Abby Wambach's last day with the USWNT

Here's everything you need to wallow in your Abby Wambach feelings.

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Abby Wambach is retiring, so naturally there's an avalanche of material pouring down on fans before she plays her last game ever. Even President Obama feels some kind of way about this.

Here's your guide to all the coverage.

Wambach deletes her twitter

It was all part of a marketing campaign with Gatorade based on statements she's given before that she'll consider real success to be someone outperforming her in the future. It was still kind of emotional.

Podcast with Bill Simmons

This a long, long interview with Wambach that covers a ton of topics. Simmons lets her ramble to wherever her heart takes her, so be prepared for opinions on concussions, youth soccer, gender inequality, losing the World Cup, winning the World Cup, Jurgen Klinsmann, coming out, and more.

Nike Soccer's tribute to Abby with messages from her teammates

Do you like crying? Here you go.

Abby's last pre-match press conference

Guys, Jill Ellis once tried to convert Abby Wambach into a central defender when she was a youth player. This is possibly the best and most telling anecdote to come out of Wambach's retirement press.

Hope Solo reminisces

The anecdotes range from funny to warmhearted to thoughtfully sincere. You can tell a lot has transpired between these two over the years and the personal nature of it all helps you look at Wambach through the lens of teammate instead of fan.

US Soccer's Wambach tribute gallery

They're doing it up big as they lose probably their most iconic current player, man or woman.

"I'm so thankful I was born in this country and I'm so thankful I got to represent it for so many years, but it's time to symbolically pass that torch to the next generation of studs because clearly they've got this." - Abby Wambach

Bye, Abby. So long and thanks for all the goals.