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Report: Reading will consider signing Dillon Powers after successful trial

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Every winter you hear about MLS players going on "trial" abroad, usually to England. In almost every instance those players are really just training with the club to stay fit during the offseason. Does it really matter what it's labelled? If a player is good enough while at the club he'll be offered a deal no matter what his stint at the club is called.

It appears that Colorado Rapids midfielder Dillon Powers, who has been trialing with Reading since the middle of November, is at least good enough to make the club consider him as a January signing. According to, Powers has impressed manager Steve Clarke enough to at least enter the discussion as a possible transfer window signing.

"Dillon is still with us. He'll work with us for the next few days and then will probably go back at the end of the week."

"He's done well. I think he's enjoyed it and we've enjoyed having him so it's something that we can look at in January."

"Obviously there are a lot of discussions to come between now and then, but he hasn't done himself any harm."

-Reading manager Steve Clarke; Source:

This would be a real fine move for the 24-year-old. No matter your feelings on the difference in levels of play between MLS and the Championship, there's no debating that Reading is a step up in class from the Rapids.

Even if Powers signs with Reading and is nothing more than a rotational player, it will draw the attention of Jurgen Klinsmann and help his chances at a National Team call-up. The Rapids are in such a weird transitional phase as a club, they would likely welcome an influx of cash while MLS likely wouldn't put up much of a fight.