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Megan Rapinoe tears ACL in Hawaii

ACL injuries continue to be the worst, slightly behind the FIFA ExCo.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The USWNT is supposed to be celebrating their World Cup Victory Tour, but bad news made its way out of their camp today, as US Soccer reports that Megan Rapinoe has torn her ACL.

Rapinoe's tear was a non-contact injury during training on December 4, the day before the United States is scheduled to play Trinidad & Tobago. It was on a grass training field. She has torn her ACL twice before, both times in college when she played for the Portland Pilots.

ACL tears are sadly all too common in women's soccer and average recovery time is six to nine months, which could rule Rapinoe out of the 2016 Olympics, approximately eight months away. It's early days yet, though, so cross your fingers, US fans.

Rapinoe will now return to Seattle in order to prepare for surgery and recover.