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New Nike 2015 US National Team away kit revealed

The gradient pattern previously leaked is indeed the new shirt to be worn by US stars in international matches.

The new United States national team away shirt has been revealed, and it's the shirt we were all expecting to see:

The shirt will first be worn by the USWNT in the upcoming Algarve Cup early next month. The USMNT next play on March 24th against Denmark, and we'll almost certainly see them wear it then. The shirt will be identical for both mens and womens versions.

The shirt will take a little getting used to. The almost gradient-style pattern is offputting to some, and the subtleties of the pattern won't show up well on most TV shots during matches. At the same time, though, it's a clever design that you just wouldn't expect to see on a soccer shirt, and being on the receiving end of some good creativity after several bland designs in recent years is a nice change of pace.

Nike hasn't immediately revealed when the shirt will be available for purchase, but if their marketing department is officially releasing images of it, it won't be long. Online retailers are advertising the new kits, but are only accepting news list signups to get more information once it's available.