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U.S. Soccer games are returning to AT&T U-verse ahead of the 2015 World Cup Round of 16

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Great news AT&T U-verse subscribers. You will now be able to watch every U.S. Soccer and MLS game broadcast on Fox Sports 1.

The major dispute between AT&T and FOX Sports has finally come to an end just in time for the 2015 Women's World Cup Round of 16 to begin.

It was an unprecedented spat between the two organizations and they still had an agreement in place, but AT&T refused to show any of FOX's major live sporting events. This was presumably in part to FOX demanding too much money to distribute its new 24/7 sports networks. Instead of airing U.S. Soccer games or NASCAR, AT&T decided to show the enthralling world of darts.

Thankfully the dispute is over and those of you that were unlucky to miss out or had to make other arrangements are free to resume your regular viewing. Yay for common sense prevailing!