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Jurgen Klinsmann makes three changes to Gold Cup roster

DaMarcus Beasley is one of three players added to the USMNT's Gold Cup roster for the knockout rounds

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

According to CONCACAF rules, teams are allowed to make up to six changes to their initial 23-man Gold Cup rosters after group play. United States manager Jurgen Klinsmann has taken advantage of this rule by replacing three of his players.

Jozy Altidore is the most notable subtraction from the roster. His lack of fitness affected him greatly in his three games with the USMNT. Alfredo Morales and Greg Garza are the other two players dropped by Klinsmann for the knockout rounds. The USMNT boss spoke to about why Altidore was replaced.

We believe that Jozy's just not there yet. Jozy never really got into this tournament and never really picked up the rhythm. He's just simply not in the shape right now to help us. For Jozy it's just simply going back to Toronto, picking up his rhythm, getting in shape, working on his fitness and then he will start scoring goals again.

To replace the three players Klinsmann has added DaMarcus Beasley, Alan Gordon, and Joe Corona to the USMNT's roster for the quarterfinals starting on Saturday.

For the veteran Beasley, his call up marks his return to international duty after stating his willingness to come out of retirement to help the team. The 33-year-old USMNT stalwart retired from international soccer after the 2014 World Cup, but was convinced by Klinsmann to return for the Gold Cup. According to Jurgen, Beasley's character and quality are the main reasons for his inclusion.

Having DaMarcus come into the team is huge, because of his character, his giving nature, the spirit he brings, but also the high quality he brings. He brings a lot of experience into this group, and he's hungry. He's still as hungry as day one in his career.

Gordon is a super substitute specialist for the LA Galaxy. He is notoriously known for his late clutch goals at the club level. His inclusion is likely on the hope of him replicating those late game heroics for the national team.

Corona replacing Morales in midfield adds a creative player in place of a more defensively-minded one. The USA's struggles in the middle of the pitch during the group stage of the tournament likely caused Klinsmann to call on Corona for his imaginative play.

The USA play an opponent to be determined on Saturday in Baltimore, MD.