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USSF is trying to trademark "Dos a Cero"

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Every U.S. Soccer supporter knows the saying. "Dos a Cero" is chanted by everyone when the 2-0 scoreline comes up now-a-days. It doesn't matter if it's in MLS, NASL, or your nephew's middle school team, everyone. This tradition originated from the USMNT beating their bitter rivals Mexico by this famous score so many times throughout the last 15 years.

Now it seems that the United States Soccer Federation wants to trademark the slogan.(h/t @SoccerMorning)

All trademark requests are made to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and are on record for the public to see. The American soccer online community stumbled upon the official request made at the behest of the USSF:

It's only speculation at this point, but the U.S. Soccer governing body could have plans to use the famous saying on t-shirts, hats, or other memorabilia. That's one explanation for what they would want to trademark such a thing as this. So, be on the lookout in the future for "Dos a Cero" merchandise if the trademark is approved.