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Emerson Hyndman to remain at Fulham despite transfer offers

The young midfielder will now either sign a new contract or leave in the summer

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Several weeks ago we learned that Emerson Hyndman turned down a new contract at Fulham and was drawing interest from clubs across Europe. Now it appears as if the club are going to force the youngster's hand into either signing a new deal or to leave next summer.

According to, Fulham declined transfer and loan offers for Hyndman. While the club still has until November to send him out on loan within England, it looks as if they're willing to take their chances on him re-signing.

The 19-year-old Hyndman has two choices. He can cave and sign a new contract at Fulham or he can wait it out and find a new club in the Summer. He has the option of talking with teams and signing a pre-contract in January.

After playing in nine league matches last season and making the matchday squad almost all season until getting injured, Hyndman has been frozen out as a result of his unwillingness to sign a new contract. He's spent the first few weeks of the new season with the club's under-21 team.

At such a young age, he can afford to be picky this season to ensure he lands at a club he desires. While it may not be ideal for his growth as a player, his natural talent will hold him over while he waits it out in the reserves.

There's always a chance he changes his mind and decides to sign a new deal at Fulham, but that seems unlikely with the way he's been treated this season.

Hyndman is currently with the United States U-23 team for two friendlies in preparation for the beginning of the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament in October.