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Landon Donovan and Alexi Lalas will be in FIFA 16 as legends

EA Sports will be releasing their annual soccer game on September 22. FIFA 16 will feature the ever-popular game mode "FIFA Ultimate Team". Basically it's a game where you collect different cards of players and are able to use them to build teams.

There's a card for almost every player in the game ranging from the worst players all the way up to Lionel Messi. A few years ago, EA introduced legend cards. A new type of card, the most rare and valuable in the game. They started out with players like Pele, Ruud van Nistelrooy, and Hernan Crespo. Each year they add different players.

This year they will be adding two USMNT greats for the first time ever.

That's right. Landon Donovan and Alexi Lalas will be in FIFA 16 as legends. They will have their own special FUT item that will undoubtedly be hard to obtain. Legends are exclusive to the Xbox consoles and not available on Playstation. If you happen to play the game and get your hands on one of these cards, share it with us and show us what they look like.