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FUT Azteca uses Donald Trump to troll USMNT


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We're one month away from the crucial Confederations Cup playoff match between Mexico and the United States. With both teams having their share of turmoil, like Mexico's coaching fiasco and the USA's poor form, tensions ahead of this match are tremendously high.

Mexican television stations FUT Azteca have put together a very interesting promotional tv advertisement for the big match. They've used American presidential candidate Donald Trump's ridiculous soundbytes and turned it into a one minute spot trolling the USMNT. Here it is in full:

This is about soccer and obviously not about politics. So, when judging this advert we should take it as lightheartedly as possible. While it's not a flattering advert for America, it's honestly pretty hilarious. Using the few amount of times Mexico has had success against the USMNT lately in a hype video while ignoring the countless times the U.S. has had the upper hand.

FUT Azteca can make their funny videos and each fan base can talk all the trash they want. Come October 10, the two teams will be on the field and all of the other distractions will be nullified. Any time the U.S. and Mexico meet up form can be thrown out of the window. No bad losing streak or dumb hype video will matter. The nation that wants it more on the day will come out on top.