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Jordan Morris tells Werder Bremen he prefers a future in America

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Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Another day, another interesting turn of events in the Jordan Morris transfer saga. Werder Bremen released an official statement on their website that all but confirms that Morris has declined to join the Bundesliga club in favor of a future with the Seattle Sounders.

A rough Google translation from the official release reveals that the club are conceding in their pursuit of the 21-year-old striker.

"The player has made ​​it clear after intensive discussions that he currently sees its future in America," Thomas Eichin, Bremen's sporting director, said. "This decision, we respect, of course."

This is a stunning development in the story as it was just yesterday that the club were all but certain that Morris would join them for the second half of their domestic season. It appears now that the youngster had a different plan all along. If this club release is accurate, it means he's chosen to join the Sounders and accept their league record Homegrown Player offer.

His trial with Bremen was scheduled to end on Wednesday when he's expected to go join the United States men's national team in California for their annual January camp.

One has to wonder if Morris ever had any intention of accepting a deal with the German club. His trial went very well and was the toast of the club's social media accounts for the last week and a half. An offer from the club was reportedly made. Either he has his heart set on Seattle, or something drastic happened in the last 24 hours.