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Jordan Morris officially signs with Seattle Sounders

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's finally over. The long and entertaining transfer saga of Jordan Morris finally came to a conclusion on Thursday when the Seattle Sounders introduced him as their newest player.

Despite a lengthy training stint with Werder Bremen, who reportedly offered him a contract, Morris has decided to start his professional soccer career with his hometown Sounders. The Mercer Island, WA native had a great opportunity to begin his career in the Bundesliga, but came to the conclusion that staying home was best for him and his development.

It's arguable that the striker could face tougher competition for playing time with the Sounders than he would have with Werder Bremen, who were desperate for a goal scorer. Seattle have three proven veterans in their attacking setup with Obafemi Martins, Nelson Valdez, and USMNT forward Clint Dempsey all presumably in front of Morris on the depth chart.

The 21-year-old's best chance for immediate playing time is as a winger in a 4-3-3. Dempsey and Valdez aren't mobile enough to play on the wing anymore, while Martins is a pure #9 and has little experience on the wing. One way or another the youngster will get his minutes. The other three strikers are long in the tooth, so Morris will add a much-needed youthful spark to their attacking dynamic.

Arguing the benefits or hindrances of playing in MLS or the Bundesliga, and more specifically with the Sounders or Bremen is beyond the point now. It's obvious that Jordan Morris feels the most comfortable beginning his professional journey with Seattle. The Sounders will feel extremely lucky to gain such a talented young player and will undoubtedly do everything in their ability to continue his development. While it's okay to be a little disappointed to not see him in Europe, it's his life and career and he knows it better than any outside influence can.