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Roberto Martinez: Colorado Rapids haven't made any bids for Tim Howard

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Contrary to earlier reports of Tim Howard's imminent signing with MLS and the Colorado Rapids, Everton manager Roberto Martinez has made it blatantly clear that no bids have come in for the veteran United States goalkeeper.

Eyebrows were raised last week when the Rapids traded their established starting goalkeeper, Clint Irwin, to Toronto FC for a few measly draft picks and targeted allocation money (TAM). Many around the league believed that the trade was just a precursor to the league signing Tim Howard as ESPNFC reported earlier in the week.

This belief was questionable to say the least. Colorado are not a team known for attracting big names to their club. They don't go out of their way to splash the cash, so this link to a well-known USMNT player was flimsy. Now with Everton's own manager coming out in the media and stating that no bids were made it makes that trade between Colorado and Toronto look really bad.

Perhaps Tim Howard has no interest in going to Colorado, who acquired the No. 1 spot in the MLS Allocation Order just to acquire a player like this. The Rapids are a team that doesn't spend much money and have consistently been one of the worst clubs in MLS for the last three or for years. It doesn't make much sense for a team trying to rebuild to waste their No. 1 Allocation Order spot on an aging goalkeeper when there are other, more impactful options possibly out there.

It makes all the sense in the world for Tim Howard to want end his career in MLS. It makes no sense for him to want to do that with the Rapids.