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US Soccer appoint Brad Friedel as U-19 manager, Omid Namazi as U-18 manager

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

World Cup hero and legendary United States goalkeeper, Brad Friedel, will be taking charge of the newly-implemented U-19 head coaching role within U.S. Soccer. The federation announced Monday that he and well-traveled assistant coach, Omid Namazi, would head up two brand new youth levels.

To help bridge the gap from the U-17 team to the U-20 team, the USSF has introduced two new age levels within its structure. The U-18 team will be headed up by Namazi. He most recently served as an assistant coach for Tab Ramos with the U-20 team that made it to the quarterfinals in last year's World Cup.

The more notable appointment is Friedel. He takes the helm of the U-19 team. A color commentator for Fox Sports in his spare time, the former USMNT great has also spent time coaching. Along with helping out with the U.S. youth teams, he also created his own academy a few years ago. A venture that reportedly led to him filing for bankruptcy.

It remains to be seen just how active these two age groups will be as far as competitive tournaments and fixtures goes. Presumably the main focus will still lie with the U-17's and the U-20's with these two levels servings as a brief stop-gap between the way.