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Darlington Nagbe may not play for USMNT going forward


Bolivia v United States Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

It turns out there was more to Darlington Nagbe declining a USMNT call-up to spend more time with his family. Grant Wahl reports that extra time with the family wasn’t the only reason Nagbe decided to skip the two friendlies against New Zealand and Cuba.

Wahl says that Nagbe isn’t pleased with his national team playing time and the way Klinsmann uses him. His sources also say that Nagbe could very well not get another call-up going forward.

This is a tricky situation as Nagbe clearly has great technical qualities, but Klinsmann evidently doesn’t think he’s a vital player. While I completely understand Nagbe’s frustrations as I and many other supporters share them, compromising your position on the team to make a statement is bold.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Darlington Nagbe playing with the USMNT in the near future. Hopefully both parties can reconcile and come to an agreement that sees Nagbe back with the national team.

On-the-field this won’t really affect the team as Nagbe never really played much of a part in Klinsmann’s plans. The depth of the midfield may take a small hit, but the show will go on.

For Nagbe, it has to be a very disappointing chapter after working so hard to gain citizenship. While getting to that goal had to do with way more than soccer, you know it still had play a part.

What do you think of this news? Angry Nagbe took this measure? Is Klinsmann at fault for not playing him?