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Watch Josh Gatt score his first goal since 2013

News Alert: He’s still fast

After several knee injuries and multiple setbacks, American forward Josh Gatt has returned to action for Molde FK in Norway. The 25-year-old Michigan native was once the ‘it’ prospect for Yanks Abroad a few years ago until his horrible luck with injuries crept up.

Gatt celebrated his return to full fitness with his first goal in nearly three years against Stabaek today. Here’s a look at the goal and video proof that he still possess that world-class pace that had everyone drooling back in the day:

via TV2

Josh Gatt has two caps for the USMNT, the last coming in 2013. Who knows if he’ll ever get another one, but it sure is good to see him having success again at what he loves doing.

There’s nothing worse than seeing great athletes being let down by their bodies. We can only hope that Gatt’s health holds and he goes on to have a long and successful career at whatever level he plays at.