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Stuart Holden could be Bob Bradley’s Flava Flav

Hype man extraordinaire

USA Press Conference - FIFA Confederations Cup Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images

Bob Bradley has been named the new Swansea City manager. He’s the first American to ever manage in the Premier League.

We’ve covered this from top to bottom, from every angle. We brought you reaction from the media and fans. We talked about the consequences Bradley’s success/failure could have on American soccer. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about the news.

One person who may be even more excited about the move is his former player with the U.S. national team, Stuart Holden. He was interviewed by NBC Sports and called Bradley “probably the best coach I’ve ever played for.”

He also went in-depth over his credentials and style of play and how they could measure up in the Premier League. Watch that whole interview here:

If the whole broadcasting career doesn’t work out for Stu, he could become Bob’s professional hype man, he did so well advertising his skills to the Swansea fans.

NBC put together this very informative video about why people around Swansea aren’t too thrilled with the way the previous manager, Francesco Guidolin, was let go and Bradley was named in direct correlation.

It’s a bit of a tough luck situation for Guidolin as he was obviously not the new American ownership’s choice. It’s clear they had their eyes set on a new manager and probably didn’t give the incumbent enough time to prove himself, but that’s the cutthroat business of Premier League management. It’s just how it goes...