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Bob Bradley’s first words as Swansea City manager

Jumping straight into things with the Swans

USA Press Conference - 2010 FIFA World Cup Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Even though it is an international break for Swansea City, new manager Bob Bradley has been very busy settling in at his new club. He spoke with ProSoccerTalk’s Joe Prince-Wright on Thursday ahead of his first official Swansea City press conference on Friday.

Bradley said that the opportunity at Swansea City “happened very quickly” and he was very appreciative of the understanding shown to him and his need to make this move from Le Havre owner Vince Volpe. This was the first time in Bradley’s career that he left a team in mid-season. He left Le Havre with a win earlier this week, putting them within three points of the top spot in Ligue 2.

As the first American to ever manage in the Premier League, Bradley understands the responsibility that comes with the appointment. He told Prince-Wright:

“I know that this part of the story is important for the game in the United States. It has always been a battle for coaches and players to earn respect. That’s never been the reason that I’ve done things but I’ve always understood that’s part of the responsibility.”

However, Bradley also understands that his citizenship means nothing on the ground in Swansea.

“I appreciate the story in the United States but I also understand and agree that here it is just about the club and for me earning respect with the players, earning respect with the supporters and making sure the team which steps on the field every week is the team all of those incredible supporters can be proud of.”

Since arriving at Swansea, he has been focused on getting to know the routine and individuals at the club. Bradley said:

“You go in and very quickly you’ve got to start to decide how are we going to begin this process? At that point it is not that every decision is final, you can always adjust.”

He is focused on creating a family atmosphere at the club, just as he has at every stop in his career.

“I’ve done it everywhere. I did it at Princeton, many friends that were part of Princeton soccer I still hear from today. Every stop of the way in MLS, with the national team and then it’s been interesting for me in Egypt, Norway, France, you don’t have to change your way of doing things. Even when the language isn’t perfect. You find other ways. You engage people. You find out about their families. You make it so that people are excited to come and be part of something.”

Bradley is preparing for his Premier League debut on Saturday, October 15 against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. He will be looking to quickly improve on the Swans’ 17th place position in the Premier League table.