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Christian Pulisic speaks with Colin Cowherd

The Herd hosts the rising American star

Soccer: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying-Trinidad & Tobago at USA Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Young American star Christian Pulisic joined Fox Sports pundit Colin Cowherd yesterday on his TV/radio show The Herd. Here’s some highlights from the interview:

Cowherd said he sees Pulisic as a “very creative player” and asked him how he sees himself. Pulisic said:

"Definitely. I've always tried to have that quality about me, being creative, so no one ever really knows what's coming. I've used that and it's been a big strength of mine."

He next asked about if it was strange to play with older players. This is a challenge many young players face when they join senior teams, and Pulisic’s answer showed some of the issues that occur:

"Yeah, definitely. I think what's more strange is when you're off the pitch with your teammates. You can't really relate to some of their conversations about their kids and stuff like that. On the field, it's even easier, it's just a game it's just soccer and you guys are all doing the same things. You want to play in a similar fashion."

They discussed Pulisic’s time in Germany with Borussia Dortmund and the comparisons to MLS. Cowherd asked Pulisic if he thinks MLS can become a “globally viable league”. Pulisic said:

“Yes, I think that MLS has great potential. Right now, maybe we're a bit behind some of these great European leagues. But I think that's the goal, we want to get our youth more interested in the game and build up from there. I think it definitely has the potential. "

They also discussed Pulisic’s favorite player of all-time, whether he was into other sports growing up, and if he would be comfortable as the face of American soccer. Watch the whole interview below: