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Sunil Gulati: decision to bid for World Cup won’t be impacted by election results

USSF’s plans will continue regardless of who is president.

FIFA Council Meeting - Part I Photo by Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

Donald Trump becoming president of the United States won’t impact any USSF decision to bid on the 2026 World Cup, Sunil Gulati told Sports Illustrated.

“Perceptions [of the Trump administration abroad] matter, for sure,” he said, “But I think those will be developed in the months to come.”

This generally matches previous statements Gulati made about Trump and a USSF bid for the World Cup.

"I think having somebody in the White House that gives the country an outward-looking view and a personality that is more easily accepted around the world is positive for the United States," he said in June, as reported by Goal.

So while Gulati thinks a Trump presidency may affect international perception of the United States, it won’t actually affect the decision to bid or not bid. There’s also the fact that the actual voting on the decision will be in 2020, at which time someone else may be poised to be president of the United States. Time will tell.