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WATCH: What went wrong for Jurgen Klinsmann?

A video for your consumption on this crazy day.

United States v Cuba Training Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

So, today’s been bonkers. I’m not sure anyone ever expected Sunil Gulati to finally pull the proverbial trigger and let Jurgen Klinsmann go. But, it’s happened.

Everyone is still trying to process the news and collect their thoughts on what’s next for the USMNT and U.S. Soccer as a whole as it transitions into a new era.

You have strong feelings, we have strong feelings. We’ll get to them in due time once the dust settles and the full situation is known.

For now, our pals at NBC have this interesting video discussing what went wrong for Jurgen Klinsmann as USMNT manager:

Change is afoot within U.S. Soccer. Whether you like it or hate it, it’s here. We can only wait and see what happens from here on out and whether or not this decision will pay off.

For now, let loose in the comments (please be as cordial as possible in this crazy time) about what you think the future holds for the national team.