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Take a moment to read our policy on comments

Everbody just be cool.

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Hi everyone.

At Stars and Stripes FC we want to make sure the comments are a place people can go to discuss soccer and not feel insulted or attacked. To that end, we wanted to make our moderation policy clear so that everyone knows the rules going in.

There are some general community guidelines that apply across all of SB Nation, and you can read those here.

We try to adhere to those guidelines to make sure people can express themselves without getting attacked for who they are. Respect each other in the comments, respect that opinions are different, and respect that you can disagree on something without belittling another person. Please keep your discussions on topic and not about the person making them.

At SSFC specifically, we have a warn + ban policy. Your first infraction will result in a warning from a community mod. Your second will result in a ban. If you believe you’ve been unfairly warned, you can always bring that up with us. If you believe that a comment needs immediate attention from a mod, you can bring that up with us too. Don’t forget: you can always flag a comment for a moderator. The flag system lets you specify why you’re flagging and gives you some space to explain in further detail and it’s something we try to pay close attention to.

To that end we’re putting out a call for a few moderators. If you’d like to spend an hour or two a week helping the community, shoot us an email. We'll pick a few who fit the criteria of a good track record of discipline and seniority.

To recap: if you need to argue, attack the argument, not the person. Don’t insult each other. Keep SSFC a place where you can just talk about soccer without having to fortify yourself for an argument. Just be cool.